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What is bariatrics and do you need it?

So what is Bariatrics? Frankly speaking, it is not the most mentioned word and not everyone will be able to solve it in a crossword puzzle. But if you are reading this article, it means that overweight gives you inconvenience and at least once you have thought about how to solve this serious problem quickly, once and for all.
The word bariatrics is derived from the Greek words baros - weight and iatrik - treatment. The word entered medical use in the 50s of the last century - yes, the first bariatric surgeries were carried out more than 60 years ago, but only the last 10 years bariatrics began to gain its place in the market rapidly. What did it happen?

The use of laparoscopic surgery, in which 4-5 small punctures are used instead of abdominal incision, made it possible to minimize the recovery period. As a rule, from two to three days of hospitalization are sufficient, then the patient goes home and is treated on an outpatient basis. In three weeks after surgery the patient can continue active life, but he will start losing weight after the first month, within a year, at least.

If the methods of bariatric surgeries have changed?
If earlier a restrictive ring or clamp was placed on the stomach, which interfered with and caused serious discomfort in patients, now bypass and sleeve resection of the stomach are being carried out. This reduces the size of the stomach (up to 60 - 100 ml), the area of production of the "hunger hormone" – ghrelin is being removed. If it is necessary, the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients id being changed by the movement of digestive juices.

At the same time, body weight decreases gradually, in an evolutionary way, and most importantly, the reverse process of gaining excess weight does not occur. The body remains in a comfortable weight zone, a person begins to lead an active, socially adapted lifestyle, gets the opportunity to travel, go in for sports, and attend social events. Lifestyle, psychology, self-confidence are changing. Life is changing.

It sounds tempting, does not it? But that's not all. Unlike all other ways to losing weight, after the surgery structural changes occur in the body that will not allow it to return to its former body weight. The problem of all diets, wellness programs and courses for losing weight is that at first you really lose weight. But after a while the feeling of hunger takes over and all efforts are wasted. In the case of bariatric surgery, you can always afford a "tasty" in small doses. You simply will not have feeling of hunger. You will feel full after taking even a small amount of food.

In addition, the surgery treatment of obesity leads to the disappearance of associated diseases - diabetes, improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system. The quality and life expectancy improves, the psychological status and self-esteem changes.

So, let's estimate whether you need such an operation
To get started, find out your BMI - Body Mass Index. Divide your weight by the square of height in meters.
For example, your weight is 120 kg with height of 170 cm (1.7 m). God forbid of course!
Divide 120 twice by 1.7. It turns out 41.5. This means a large morbid obesity.

Here is a sign that will allow you to understand your BMI.

If the numbers are from 17 to 25 - this is the norm,
25-30 - increased weight
from 30 to 40 - obesity,
40 and above - great morbid obesity.
If your rate is above 35, you need to think seriously about a visit to a baroscopic surgeon, especially if you are young.

In case of presence of comorbidities such as hypertension, diseases of the bones and joints, and especially type 2 diabetes, you need to sound the alarm at a rate of 30. Of course, age plays the grate role. You lose weight after surgery anyway. But, the earlier you go to a doctor, the more chances for a minimum recovery period and quick adaptation of the body you have.
Now about the most important thing. How much does it cost?
Let's say right away - it is not cheap. In the USA, Europe and Israel, prices start from 15 thousand dollars and reach 45 thousand dollars, depending on the individual characteristics of the patient. In some cases, the operation is covered by medical insurance, but often the patient's BMI does not reach the norms of insurance companies and you have to do the operation at your own expense. Despite of the high cost, there has been a rapid increase of the number of bariatric operations around the world. Over the past decade, it has reached 600% in Australia, 500% in the United States, and the number of operations in the countries of the Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia) has increased 10 times. Patients understand that they will spend much more on the treatment of comorbidities and seek to eliminate the very essence of the problem - excessive body weight and begin to live a full life.

However, for many people, the price is the decisive factor.

In this case, the surgery in Russia can be an excellent alternative, in a specialized center for the surgical treatment of obesity in St. Petersburg. Its cost will be from three to five thousand euros. In this case, you will be provided with full support - meeting at the airport, accommodation, assistance with rehabilitation. We work with each client individually. For overweight people this is especially important.

Fill out an application, a personal manager will contact you and make a "road map" of your stay and treatment. The surgery takes place on the basis of a diversified state medical center, the largest in St. Petersburg. Therefore, we can always provide the consulting and the help of other specialists - cardiologists, orthopedists, plastic surgeons, etc. Diagnostic procedures and postoperative rehabilitation are also held at the medical center, in the same building. Such an integrated approach dramatically improves patient convenience and the effects of the operation are faster.

We are waiting for you in the northern capital of Russia - St. Petersburg. A modern clinic, leading Russian bariatrics specialists, individual service and traditional Russian hospitality are waiting for you.

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