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Surgical treatment of obesity
Medical Tourism Agency VIPMED Saint Petersburg offers you the most advanced methods of surgical treatment of obesity. Leave a request on our website and your personal manager will offer you a convenient time for you to meet with leading bariatrics specialists who will choose the most appropriate type of surgery for you.
We will meet you at the airport, help with accommodation, solve all domestic problems and will accompany and assist you at all stages of treatment
Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery

Mariah Carey's Weight Loss Surgery

Main types of bariatric surgery
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Your questions will be answered by the Candidate of Medical Sciences, a full member of the Russian Society of Surgeons; Association of Endoscopic Surgery of the Russian Federation; full member of the Bariatric Society of the Russian Federation, member of the IFSO (International Federation of Bariatric Surgeons Swiss ), surgeon of the highest category, Dvoryankin Dmitry.
Write to us and D.V. Dvoryankin personally answer your question.
With your permission, we will post a question and answer on our website.
You can also make an appointment for a consultation and an appointment with D.V.Dvoryankin on our site.

Dvoriankin Dmitry
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Bariatrics surgery. Price list and a detailed list of services

You can find out the final cost of services after you place an application and our manager will contact you
Installation of intragastric balloon
Installation in the stomach of a thin-walled bladder from medical silicone rubber.
The bubble fills with water and allows you to lose up to 30% of overweight from 1.000 USD.
    Laparoscopic longitudinal resection of the stomach
    Removing most of the stomach and forming a narrow tube with a lumen of not more than 11 mm.
    Allows you to lose 60-80% overweight from 3.500 USD.
    Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding
    Installation of a silicone bandage in the cardiac section of the stomach.
    Allows you to lose 50-60% of overweight from 3.500 USD.
    Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery
    Complex surgery to reduce the volume of the stomach and
    reconstruction (shunting) of the small intestine
    Allows you to lose 80-90% of overweight from 3.500 USD.
    Biliopancreatic shunting
    Complex surgery to reduce the volume of the stomach
    with reconstruction of the gastrointestinal tract with diversion of bile and pancreatic juice into the ileum.
    Allows you to lose up to 100% overweight from 4.000 USD.
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