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VipMed Saint Petersburg

Frequently asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions

If you can not find the answer to your question, please, you can ask it to our consultants by phone or e-mail
What services do you provide?
We refer clients for treatment to the best clinics of St. Petersburg and Moscow for all types of diseases. In addition, we help you find best specialists in integrated medical diagnostics and rehabilitation - postoperative, post-traumatic, post-stroke.
Can I get help with international insurance?
Yes, we can arrange your treatment in clinics with international insurance
What is the cost of your services?
We will be able to tell you the cost of services after our specialists communicate with you and agree on all issues related to your treatment. The pricing is transparent as you will pay the real local price for the medical treatment. You conclude an agreement personally and directly with the clinic you have chosen. The selection of a clinic and a specialist is FREE. We help you to make a choice, we hold preliminary consultations, we offer options. In addition, for a fee, we provide concierge service - we organize a meeting at the airport, including those with limited mobility, help with accommodation in a hospital, solve everyday problems and are always in touch.
Why Moscow and St. Petersburg?
In recent years, many medical centers have been opened and reconstructed in Moscow and St. Petersburg, world-class equipment has been purchased, doctors have practiced in European clinics. We selected several federal medical centers and concluded cooperation agreements with them. During the year of working with someone, we had to part with someone, we became regular partners - "natural selection" takes place. We have an office on Nevsky Prospect and a team of professionals for working with clients - medical assistants, personal managers, translators, drivers. This allows us to work personally with each patient and provide the highest possible level of care and service.
How is work with you?
You leave us your phone or mail. The medical assistant contacts you, advises you on all issues, attracts specialists from medical institutions. We assign you a personal manager, who solves questions with the organization of your arrival, meeting and accommodation in St. Petersburg, coordinates time for consultations with doctors, solves domestic issues. In the future, at any time you can contact your personal manager - it is free for you. All our actions are recorded by correspondence and, if desired, the patient, fixed by the contract. After arrival and consultation with a specialist of the desired profile, you enter into a contract directly with the medical institution and begin a course of treatment (diagnosis, recovery). At the end of treatment, we ask you to leave feedback about our work.
How long have you been working?
We exist in the medical tourism market since January 2018. We started with the care of patients from the Baltic and Northern European countries. This allowed us to immediately set high standards of service and gain rewarding experience with picky and demanding high levels of customer service. Currently, we are actively developing in the regions of Russia, since domestic medical tourism is a new and sought-after market direction. This is an ideal choice for people who cannot afford the extremely expensive treatment in Europe, Israel and the USA, but at the same time are ready to receive treatment in the best medical centers in Russia.
What are the priority areas in your work?
We work with patients with any diagnoses. However, there are a number of areas that are particularly developed: - Laparoscopic surgery of any kind - Bariatrics (surgical treatment of obesity problems) - Rehabilitation medicine - effective care after injuries, surgeries, strokes. - Treatment of Parkinson's disease - Robotic cardiac surgery - IVF - In Vitro Fertilization
What guarantees do you give?
The guarantee is the conclusion of your contract directly with the clinic. If there are any problems with the quality of medical services in the clinic, we stand on your side and defend your interests. If necessary, we provide the services of a lawyer who specializes in medical issues.
How will I pay for your company?
We value our reputation and always fulfill what we promise to patients. We first agree on the date and time of the patient's meeting and meet him with a sign. We meet less mobile patients in special cars. The cost of services is negotiated and agreed in advance, if necessary, fixed by the contract. We do not require payment for our services in advance; you choose when it is convenient for you to pay - before or after we fulfill our obligations
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