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Personal medical consultations

Make an appointment with the best doctors of St. Petersburg
Medical Tourism Agency VIPMED Saint Petersburg offers you to consult with the best doctors of Moskow and St. Petersburg. More than 40 professors and doctors of sciences are ready to personally meet with you and advise the optimal methods of treatment under their control.
It is also possible to organize a medical consultation from several doctors for a more detailed and comprehensive study of your problem.
We recommend that you meet with the doctor already having the necessary results of tests and diagnostics that you can get here

Consultation therapist, Dentist, Cardiologist, urologist, gynecologist, surgeon, traumatologist, orthopedist, oncologist, laparoscopic surgeon, bariatric surgeon, ophthalmologist, neurologist, otolaryngologist, neurosurgeon, allergist, immunologist, endocrinologist, dermatologist, nutritionist, geriatrician, gastroenterologist, cosmetologist, mammologist

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