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Plastic surgery

All kinds of plastic surgery on the basis of the most modern clinic of Saint Petersburg

Plastic surgery on the face, neck, chest, buttocks, nose, eyelids, intimate plastic

Medical Tourism Agency VIPMED Saint Petersburg offers all types of plastic surgery on the basis of the multi-field clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in St. Petersburg.

Types of services

Face and neck plastic surgery
Blepharoplasty (eyelid plastic)
Breast plastic surgery
Rhinoplasty (nose plastic surgery)
Treatment and recovery after burns
Intimate Plastic Surgery
Plastic surgery of scars of various etiology

Price list

Breast correction
Breast augmentation (anatomical implants) from 200.000 rub
Breast augmentation (round implants) from 170.000 rub

Breast lift without implants
- breast-lift from 105.000 rub
- periareolar tightening from 74.000 rub
- classic (anchor) brace from 169.000 rub

Breast lift with implants
- round (peraareolar lift) from 231.000 rub
- round (vertical lift) from 266.000 rub
- round (classical (anchor)) from 266.000 rub
- anatomical (vertical lift) from 296.000 rub
- anatomical (classical (anchor)) from 296.000 rub
- anatomical (peraareolar lift) from 261.000 rub

Breast reduction from 176.000 руб.
    Correction of eyelids
    Simultaneous plastic surgery of the upper and lower eyelids from 90.000 rub
      Correction of the abdomen
      Abdominoplasty (abdominal plastic) from 186.000 rub
        Liposuction from 43.000 rub
        Correction of the face
        SMAS - face lift from 195.000 rub
        Endoscopic forehead and middle zone lift from 168.000 rub

        Remodeling the tip, wings and back of the nose from 101.000 rub

        Complete correction of the external nose (rhinoseptoplasty) including with the restoration of breathing
        from 111.000 rub
        Intimate correction
        Correction of the labia minora from 64.000 rub
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