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Selection of the best rehabilitation clinic in St. Petersburg

Rehabilitation of any complexity in various diseases and injuries - neurorehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation, trauma and orthopedic rehabilitation, respiratory rehabilitation, individual comprehensive programs to restore and maintain health

Please note that all medical services are provided at the prices of clinics

Detailed list and price for the services of rehabilitation and recovery of the body

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Physiotherapy treatment
  • Electrotherapy and electromyostimulation with the possibility of combined treatment, the use of vacuum electrotherapy, preliminary electrodiagnostics with the selection of individual parameters of neuromiostimulation (devices of expert class Gymna)
  • Ultrahigh Frequency
  • Therapy Microwave therapy (Thermatur m250)
  • Ultrasound therapy and phonophoresis
  • Focus shock wave therapy (PiezoWave)
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation and micropolarization
  • Low-intensity laser therapy (red, infrared laser, laser "shower", auricole laser therapy, laser acupuncture) (LAS-expert device)
  • Photochromotherapy
  • Local cryotherapy with biofeedback, cryoelectrostimulation (Cryoflow, Cryotur devices)
  • Bioelectromagnetic energy regulation
  • Normobaric hypoxitherapy ("mountain air")
  • Endogenous oxygen therapy
  • Baths ozone, vortex, hydromassage, 4-chamber hydro-galvanic, medicinal
  • Souls (underwater shower-massage, Charcot, etc.)
  • Pelotherapy using dead sea mud Inhalation therapy SPA therapy (alpha capsule system)
  • Finnish sauna
  • Magnetotherapy by a pulse frequency modulated field (apparatus BTL5920)
  • High-intensity pulsed laser therapy (PalomarStarLux500)
  • Halotherapy (salt cave)
  • Kinesitherapy (consultation and dynamic observation of a physician on physical therapy and sports medicine):
  • Massage (manual, hardware, point-segment)
  • Physical therapy classes, including individual, using PNF, Bobat, Pilates, Vojta, Yoga techniques
  • Robotic mechanotherapy: rehabilitation complexes for verticalization (Erigo), locomotor therapy (Locomat), restoration of the upper limb (Armeo), fine motor skills (Amadeo)
  • Mechanotherapy using rehabilitation simulators for different muscle groups
  • Therapeutic physical training in the pool: individual and group classes, incl. with patients with severe movement disorders (with immersion of a specialist in exercise therapy in the pool)
  • Development of individual physical therapy complexes
  • Kinesiotiping
  • Hardware complex functional assessment and development of the musculoskeletal system (Primus RS)
  • Statodynamic balance training with biofeedback
  • Rehabilitation simulators for the development of peripheral joints (Kinetec)
  • Water aerobics
  • Ergotherapy, occupational therapy, social adaptation
  • Therapeutic exercise using multimodal neurosensory stimulation and virtual reality
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