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Reproductive medicine

Infertility treatment using assisted reproductive technology techniques

Infertility treatment of any complexity by advanced methods.

Medical Tourism Agency VIPMED Saint Petersburg provides advice and assistance in the selection of clinics and medical centers in St. Petersburg for the treatment of infertility. Important! You receive all medical services at the price of a medical institution.


You can find out the final cost of services after you place an application and our manager will contact you
List of services
• Artificial insemination with the sperm of a husband or donor.
• In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).
• Injection of sperm into the egg (ICSI).
• Sperm screening MCOME-IMSI method.
• Surgical methods for sperm production (TESA, TESE, micro TESE, MESA, PESA).
• Micro TESE (micro TESE) - Microsurgical testicular biopsy for secretory azoospermia (Micro TESE using surgical Microscope OPMI VARIO 700 KARL ZEISS last generation)
• IVF with donor egg.
• Surrogacy.
• Delayed Maternity Programs.
• Cryopreservation of embryos, sperm, oocytes, tissue ovary, testicular tissue.
• Oncofertility, biological preservation material for cancer patients.
• Prenatal genetic diagnosis.
• Innovative preimplantation genetic comparative genomic diagnostics hybridization on microchips (aCGH).
• Preimplantation genetic diagnosis.
Complete genetic screening for couples with:
• infertility,
• miscarriage,
• unsuccessful IVF attempts,
• includes karyotyping, molecular cytogenetic diagnosis using the FISH method for confirmation / clarification of cytogenetic diagnosis, analysis of microdeletions in the AZF Y- locus chromosomes in men. Analysis of the most frequent mutations in the gene for cystic fibrosis, cytogenetic method for the study of fetal cells in the case of a non-developing pregnancy.
Donor programs
• oocyte donation (anonymous and not anonymous),
• embryo donation and
• sperm donation. A large bank of anonymous oocyte donors, a donor sperm bank, vitrified oocytes and embryos.
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