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Selection of the best dental clinic in St. Petersburg
Medical Tourism Agency VIPMED Saint Petersburg offers for you the whole range of dental services on the basis of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia and other dental centers in St. Petersburg.
At your request, we will pick up for you a clinic or a dentist doctor that fully meets your needs. Leave us an application, describe your problem and we will help you.

Dental services of any complexity - prosthetics, surgery, treatment, teeth whitening, orthodontics

Types of services

X-ray diagnostics
Microprosthetic dentistry
Surgery and implantation of teeth
Treatment of caries
and pulpitis
Teeth Whitening
Prosthetic dentistry
Orthodontics (bite correction).

Price list

The final cost of services you can find out after you submit your application and our manager will contact you
X-ray diagnosis of teeth
Computer 3D-tomography from 2,600 rub.
Teleradiography from 1.100 rub.
Orthopantomogram from 1.100 rub.
    Treatment of caries and pulpitis
    Treatment of pulpitis with a dental microscope from 3.000 rub.
    Treatment of caries of any complexity from 3.000 rub.
      Microprosthetic dentistry
      Tabs are all-ceramic with one plane from 16.000 rub.
      Veneers - half-crown, all-ceramic (frame veneer) from 40.000 rub.
      Ultra-veneers - (veneer whole ceramic) one unit from 42.000 rub.
        Teeth Whitening
        Laser whitening from 35.000 rub.
        Photodynamic whitening with a green laser from 31.000 rub.
        Whitening ZOOM4 from 25.000 rub.
        Home teeth whitening (under the guidance of a doctor) from 5.500 rub.
        Diagnosis of periodontal disease - periodontics using the Florida Probe from 6.700 rub.
        Treatment of mobile teeth - splinting of teeth direct using fiberglass systems from 7.800 rub.
        Photodynamic therapy (laser treatment) from 3.000 rub.
        Ozone therapy on the Prozone device from 3,300 rub.
        Surgical treatment of gingivitis and periodontal disease from 5.000 rub.
        Surgical vestibuloplasty from 7.000 rub.
        Gingivectomy from 1.800 rub.
        Restoration of aesthetics of the gum (mukogingivoplastics) from 7.000 rub.
        Therapy of complications after implantation from 10.000 rub.
        Prosthetic dentistry
        Prosthetics based on zirconium dioxide from 25.000 rub.
        Prosthetics on cermets from 10.000 rub.
        Prosthetics on precious metal alloys from 63.500 rub.
        Metal-free ceramic crown from 15.000 rub.
        Metal-free ceramic crown TECHNOLOGY E MAX from 50.000 rub.
        Surgery and implantation of teeth
        Removal of a tooth from 3.000 rub.
        Implantation without prosthetics from 34.000 rub.
        Implantation with prosthetics from 50.000 rub.
        Orthodontics (bite correction)
        Installation of the ceramic bracket system "Clarity advanced" on one jaw from 78.000 rub.
        Installation of a metal bracket system (3M-Unitek, Ormco, Orthoclassic) on one jaw from 59.500 rub.
        Installation of a lingual bracket system (ORMCO, FORESTADENT) from 89.500 rub.
        Installation of an individual lingual bracket system Incognito for 1 jaw from 201.400 rub.
        Installation of an individual lingual WIN bracket system for 1 jaw from 161.800 rub.
        Installing FlexiLigner Light-ONE on 1 jaw from 103.200 rub.
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