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Traumatology. Orthopedics. Sports medicine

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Medical Tourism Agency VIPMED Saint Petersburg offers you all types of outpatient and surgical treatment of injuries and orthopedic problems in the best medical centers of St. Petersburg.
Comprehensive digital preoperative planning will minimize intraoperative risks and achieve good anatomical and functional results of treatment.
The most modern techniques are mini-invasive osteosynthesis, endovideosurgery, arthroscopy, endoprosthetics

Types of services

Arthroscopic surgery
Reconstructive surgery
Joint replacement
Oncological prosthetics
Correction of deformities and shortening of bones
Osteoplastic operations
Sports injuries

Price list and detailed list of services

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Osteosynthesis using bone fixatives
Intramedullary blocked osteosynthesis
Combined osteosynthesis of pelvic bone fractures
    Arthroscopic surgery
    Reconstruction of the intraarticular formations of the knee,
    hip, ankle and elbow joints.
    Resection of damaged meniscuses.
    Restoration of ligaments of large joints.
    Restoration of cartilage defects.
    Reconstructive surgery
    Correction of the back, middle and fore foot feet
    Damage to tendons and nerves of fingers and wrist
    Arthroplasty of the wrist joints
    Joint replacement
    Endoprosthetics of the hip, knee, shoulder, elbow joints.
    Ankle, fingers and toes, foot feet
    Oncological prosthetics
    Filling defects of bones and joints after resection for
    benign and malignant tumors.
    Correction of deformities and shortening of bones
    Correction of congenital and acquired bone deformities.
    Correction of bone length.
    Osteoplastic operations
    Removing "wart in the thumb", interfering with walking
    (valgus deformity, hallux valgus)
    Correction of the 1st finger inward (varus deformity).
    Correction of claw-shaped or hammer-like bones of the metatarsus
    Correction of longitudinal and transverse flatfoot.
    Sports injuries
    The operation in case of rupture of the meniscus,
    anterior / posterior cruciate ligament of the knee joint.
    Treatment of dislocation of the shoulder and patella of the knee joint.
    Damage to the long biceps head tendon.
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